The Prophet Haggai: Final Oracles

In this class, we cover the third and fourth oracles of the prophet Haggai. The third oracle teaches that God has withheld His blessings from Judah because they are defiled–and that He will cleanse and bless them once they begin rebuilding the Temple. The fourth oracle contains God’s promise of election to Zerubbabel.

We also introduce the prophet Zechariah and look at his opening oracle and his first vision.

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The Prophet Haggai: Background and First Oracles

Twenty years after Zerubbabel led the first exiles back to the Promised Land, the Temple still lay in ruins. The Lord sent the prophet Haggai to exhort Israel to remember the Covenant and to finish rebuilding His house. In this class, we consider the background of the prophet Haggai and study through his first two oracles.

Daniel 10-12: The Final Vision

Most of the chapters of Daniel are self-contained (i.e., Daniel 1 tells a story, Daniel 2 tells a different story, Daniel 3 tells yet another story, etc.). Chapters 10-12 are different in that they tell of the same vision, the longest in the Book of Daniel. Chapter 10 introduces the vision and the enigmatic “man in linen” who delivers and explains it to Daniel. Chapter 11 contains the vision itself. Chapter 12 draws some conclusions and exhortations from the vision and ends with Daniel’s debriefing.

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